Four musicians, real Bavarians, slogan BOARISCH ROCKEN, own party sound and 100% authentic, energetic and live on the road. We love and "live" the music, write our own songs and with fun, power and an awesome show program, we give the audience a great time.

The band was described that way in the German press: In Las Vegas, they are already part of the inventory, in Australia they rocked the Oktoberfest, with the AIDA they played the oceans and in Blumenau in Brazil they made one of the largest Oktoberfest in the world unsafe – the ROTZLÖFFL.

After their performance in German television on „Immer wieder sonntags“, presenter Stefan Mross turned to the audience: Remember these names! You will see!


But who are these guys and how did that happen?

All ROTZLÖFFL roots have their roots in local brass bands and music clubs, where they, like many other musicians, were able to perform their first musical performances. At some point around the year 2005, the ROTZLÖFFL founder Christoph had the idea to bring these like-minded musicians under one roof - the birth of the ROTZLÖFFL.

They quickly made a name for themselves. The initial club festivals were soon followed by major engagements at national festivals (eg Gäubodenfest Straubing) and even beyond the borders (Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol). The first major international jump happened in 2009 with the appearance in Las Vegas. Since then, they have appeared many times in the US (Las Vegas and Chicago), playing in front of thousands of visitors in Australia and at the largest Oktoberfest on the American continent - in Blumenau, Brazil. They traveled through the Mediterranean, the North Sea and the Canary Islands with the three largest ships of the AIDA fleet (AIDAprima, AIDAperla and AIDAnova) and were thus able to represent Bavaria in the world many times.


Some call it party music or party rock. The ROTZLÖFFL just say BOARISCH ROCKEN to describe their music. They are proud of their Bavarian home and their motto describes both the musical as well as personal career of the band very well. The mixture of the Bavarian accordion with the rock guitar makes together with fun, joke and joy of playing this Rotzlöffl sound.


This was pressed on a plate for the first time in 2013, when the first studio album with self-written songs came onto the market. They took their previous overseas appearances as an opportunity to dub the CD with "Um die halbe Welt“ (around the half world), which alludes to the great distance between the US and Australia. The single "Duschen geh‘n" (take a shower) landed immediately on # 41 Amazon downloads.


On their musical journey, the ROTZLÖFFL have already met a large number of colleagues: Siegfried & Roy, Wolfgang Fierek, Dorfrocker, Horny Mike and many more. Together with the AIDA they went on an Oktoberfest tour with DJ Ötzi, Cassandra Steen, Sascha, Höhner and Mickie Krause. The stage was shared with many stars during joint performances: voXXclub, Die Draufgänger, Schürzenjäger, Walzer Scholz, Claudia Jung, Münchner Zwietracht, Peter Wackel, Sebastian Reich & Amanda, Freddy Pfister, Vincent & Fernando, Sabine & Charly, Die Grubertaler, Anna-Maria Zimmermann, Die Jungen Zillertaler und Cindy Berger. "The big open air of Kastelruther Spatzen" counts as the most legendary event in Castelrotto with a fantastic mountain scenery of the South Tyrolean Alps as well as a highlight to their performances.


In 2018, another milestone in the ROTZLÖFFL career was added. After years of presence in radio (Antenne Bayern, GongFM, Ramasuri, Charivari, Radio Tyrol, Radio U1, KLAV - Las Vegas) and television (Sat.1 Bayern, RTL, German Music Television, OTV) with a variety of national and international highlights ( 2nd prize at the "Schlagerdiamant" 2013 in Vienna), followed now the big TV appearance in the ARD (German TV) at "Immer wieder sonntags" with Stefan Mross. There they presented their title "Fensterln geh'n", which was created in collaboration with a well-known Cologne producer of folk music and popular music and for which their own music video was filmed in Austria.


In the Advent season of 2018 they achieved with videos to covered Christmas carols with their own Bavarian texts another success. Within a very short time, the videos recorded over 200,000 clicks in the social networks in German-speaking countries.


The ROTZLÖFFL always have their own titles in their program. As well as the music just fun and joke are not neglected and thus every age group is addressed according to the principle "the eyes hear", every colorful mixed evening becomes a Rotzlöffl live show.


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